Booking can be made up until 24 hours before the course starts if there is still availability.

Full payment must be made before you can enrol on the course. 

Products can be purchased to go alongside the course your online course. 

If you want to participate in an online course you must be able to write and understand a good level of english.

There may be some pre requisites on some courses.

All courses will require you to fill out forms. 

All online courses will require to to complete theory and exams. 


All courses are non refundable 

All courses are non transferable 

Payments are taken via paypal, bank transfer and card payment. 


All courses are designed for students in mind. The company will not take any liability for any implications which may occur after the course. 

Whilst students are in training they must adhere to health and safety. 

Skin/patch tests will be required on some courses if you are carrying out work on a model. 

All students should be over the age of 16. 

Respect must be given at all times. Disrespect to staff members and other customers/students will lead to you not being able to complete the course, you will not be given a refund. You may even risk yourself getting blocked from all of Empire Nail Systems Ltd social media. 


Certificates will only be sent out once you have completed your case studies and they have been approved. 

Certificates can take up to 4 weeks to be sent out. 

Certificates are sent via email. 

If you would like a printed and laminated copy of your certificate then a fee of £25 will be added. 


All courses are fully accredited. This means after you have received your certificate you can get insurance, go self employed or work in a salon. 

Insurance can be gained by specialist insurers Radius and Insync.


You can not make copies of Empires training manuals and use them as your own unless agreed by the company. 


You have 6 months to complete the course 

All theory and exams will be sent out up to 48 hours before the course starts via email.

Once you have completed the exams you will be sent out private videos which is relevant to your course 

All videos will last for 6 months 

All videos are pre recorded 

You will be asked to complete 3 case studies 

Once they have been marked and approved you will be sent your certificate 

You will be given your tutors details for support which you can use between Monday-Friday 


Complaints can only be made via email so they can be recorded 

Please describe the complaint in as much detail as you can so we can resolve it 

Complaints can take up to 14 days for a decision to be made 

To make a complaint please email