Our fine glitter is a wetter consistency so it is important that you work with smaller beads to get a thinner layer but also patting to make the bead dry.

Medium glitter is a medium consistency put still needs to be patted to dry it out. Before it completely dries out a little bit of liquid on your brush to smooth it out.

Chunky glitter can be very dry so you may want to leave a little bit more liquid in your brush than normal.

Our coloured acrylic is very pigmented. Once you have covered the cuticle area you may be able to drag it down and fill the whole area. Not much product is needed.

Core powder is a powder that doesn’t need to be capped. It’s a colour that you can use just on its own and also file without adding any other layers

Yes our powders are designed to be used with other brands but work best with Empires.

Yes our liquid can be used with other brands but is worked best with Empires.

No, core colours do not have to be capped and can be filed straight away once dry.

Yes you have to cap all of the colours and glitters in a layer of clear acrylic.

Yes we have various kits available. Please check our product page.

Yes please check our product page

No, none of our powders are MMA. All of our products follow the correct guidelines.

3-5 working days

Products are not offered on a sale and return basis. If there has been an error with a product then all returns must be made within 14 days. The items must be untouched and unused and able to go straight for resale. If the product does not meet up to this standard a refund will not be issued.

£6 delivery. Free on orders over £25.

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